Our Expertise.

FRIEDLI & SCHNIDRIG offers legal advice and representation in various fields of law. We provide you with legal advice and represent you in court as well as in dealings with authorities, institutions and private individuals.

Corporate and Contract Law

You want to establish, buy or sell a company?
Are you looking for a suitable succession solution for your company?
Do you want to terminate a business lease?
Do you have questions about a contract?

We accompany you from the formation, organization, management, restructuring to the dissolution or sale of your company and advise you on all related legal aspects, such as:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

  • Share Purchase Agreements (SPA)

  • Shareholder Agreements and joint ventures

  • Succession arrangements

  • General terms and conditions (GTC)

  • Distribution, supply and license agreements

  • Purchase agreements, contracts for work and services

Family and Inheritance Law

Your spouse has left the family home and wants a divorce?
You cannot agree on a care arrangement with the other parent?
You would like to entrust a close person with your legal affairs in the event of your incapacity?
You have been given a will with which you do not agree?
Do you want to make provisions for your children?

We have many years of experience in all family matters and can therefore advise and represent you competently in all family and inheritance law matters, such as:

  • Separation and marital protection measures

  • Divorce

  • Custody, visitation and contact rights

  • Maintenance law

  • Precautionary order and living wills

  • Advice on inheritance law and estate planning

  • Maximum benefit for the surviving spouse or partner

  • Inheritance contracts and wills

  • Foundations and trusts

  • Division of estates

  • Executor mandates

  • Inheritance actions (invalidity, equalization, reduction, division)

  • International estate planning

Construction, Zoning and Submission and Real Estate Law

You want to buy a house or an apartment?
Defects occurred during construction?
A customer does not pay?
The municipality wants to change the zoning plan?
You do not agree with the decision of the condominium owners' association?

We have profound knowledge and many years of experience in all matters of public and private construction, zoning, submission and expropriation law. As specialists with practical experience, we advise and represent entrepreneurs as well as building owners, be they private individuals or public corporations. Our team has practical construction expertise and we work closely with external experts when necessary. Our competencies include:

  • Review and drafting of contracts for work and services (incl. SIA standards)

  • Construction liens

  • Architecture and planning contracts

  • Building permit procedures or objections thereto

  • Enforcement and defense of warranty claims

  • nvoicing disputes

  • Construction police proceedings, in particular restoration of the lawful  state of affairs

  • Building outside the construction zone

  • Local planning revisions

  • Submission of bids and review of decisions of awarding authorities, including filing of appeals

  • Real estate transactions

  • Disputes between condominium owners

  • Acquisition of real estate by foreign nationals

Labor, Tenancy and Neighbour Law

You would like to give notice to someone or you have received a notice?
The landlord has increased the rent?
You want to terminate a tenancy or subtenancy?
Your neighbour disturbs you in the use of your property, be it with noise or plants?

We advise employers as well as employees, landlords as well as tenants and support you in defending unjustified claims in court or help you to enforce your claims. Our field of activity in employment law includes both private employment law and public employment law. Our competences include among others:

  • Review and drafting of employment contracts and regulations

  • Correct accounting of overtime, overtime and vacation credits

  • Non-competition agreements

  • Termination agreements

  • Correct termination of employment or tenancy agreements

  • Claims arising from abusive or unjustified dismissal

  • Employment references

  • Work permits

  • Examination and drafting of tenancy agreements

  • Enforcement and defense of tenancy law claims for defects, rent deposits and rent reductions

  • Enforcement and defense of termination challenges / extension requests

  • Enforcement and defense of claims resulting from abusive rent payments

  • Service charge settlements

  • Neighbour disputes regarding distance and height regulations in connection with walls, enclosures, hedges as well as trees and shrubs

  • Enforcement and defense of claims arising from excessive emissions

Criminal Law and Road Traffic Law

Are you accused of a criminal offense?
Have you received a penalty order?
Your driver's license is to be revoked?
You have become a victim of a criminal act?

We advise and represent individuals and companies involved in national or international criminal proceedings, whether as defendants, private plaintiffs or victims. In addition to traditional criminal law, our field of activity also includes administrative law and white-collar crime, namely:

  • Criminal defense (official and solicited)

  • Criminal order proceedings and appeals

  • Road traffic law (criminal and administrative proceedings)

  • Drafting of requests for release from custody and appeals against pre-trial detention orders

  • Participation in interrogations, reconstruction of crimes and other evidence gathering

  • Representation before courts

  • Filing motions for evidence

  • Communicating with law enforcement agencies and victim assistance agencies

  • Filing of criminal complaints

  • Representation in civil and administrative proceedings parallel to criminal proceedings

  • Administrative criminal procedure law

  • Commercial criminal law

  • Prohibited acts for a foreign state (Art. 271 StGB)

  • Economic intelligence (Art. 273 StGB)

  • Violation of banking secrecy (Art. 47 BankG)

Banking and Financial Market Law

For more than 30 years our firm has been providing the legal secretariat of the CDB Supervisory Board (CDB = Agreement on the Swiss banks’ code of conduct with regard to the exercise of due diligence).

Therefore, we have many years of practical experience in banking and financial market law, in particular in the following areas:

  • Due diligence obligations of banks

  • Protection of secrets (banking secrecy)

  • Anti-money laundering

  • Compliance

  • Supervisory law

Friedli & Schnidrig Rechtsanwälte Bern.
Friedli & Schnidrig Rechtsanwälte Bern.

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